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Sauvegarde teste en anglais

or The Wondrous Story of Sheen

I saw seven wild geese

High up in the sky -

One for pain

Two for joy

Three for a girl

Four for a boy

Five for silver

Six for gold

Seven for a secret that’s never been told ....


This story of a sister in search of her brothers has always touched
me profoundly. I have wanted to tell it for years - without success.
But in the end it was the force and beauty of the images of the irish version that made me want to take the risk - to let this story/journey, that moves me so, come gushing forth and continue to amaze me along the way.

A King and a Queen. Seven sons. The Queen so yearns for a daughter
that she is willing to “let her sons go with the wild geese.” A
daughter is born to her. Her sons are changed into wild geese and
disappear. She calls her daughter Sheen - Storm - because her
coming into the world was, “a storm that swept away her seven brothers, and their parents’ happiness.” The Queen dies and the King
abandons his daughter to her fate. Fourteen years later, she learns
the Secret and goes off in search of her brothers ....


A story which speaks to us of inheritance, of family secrets, of those threads one must learn to untangle in order to spin, weave and find just the right thread of life.

A story that speaks to us of the force gained by accepting one’s
vulnerability in the face of a violent world.

And above all, of the price one has to pay in order to succeed in
being reborn ....


It it difficult to speak of writing for the stage out of context, for
it is woven along with and about other disciplines such as movement,
a recorded soundtrack, and scenography.
The story itself carries the themes which concern and touch today’s world.

The question of inheritance : All of us inherit something from our
family and from destiny. And it is starting with what we inherit that we must construct and indeed weave our life.

The question of discrimination : how does one deal with living, all
the while being different from the collective in which one is
expected to take part ?

The cruel reality of the scapegoat : Because she has a goal to
attain, Sheen will attract suspicion and malevolence. She will plunge headlong into the ignorance and incomprehension of those around her.
This will lead to exile, insults and the funeral pyre.


In order to save her brothers, Sheen must promise not to speak,
laugh, cry nay even shed a single tear. What does she have left ? -
her own body. Her only refuge, her unique way of expressing her
interior life. And this body will be ‘sculpted’ by her states of
being ; her gestures will become a map for her thoughts ; her movements will recount her hopes and pains. And in this sense, the text is
for me an occasion for exploring and (perhaps) answering the question :
What does the character say about herself through me, even before I,
as the Teller, open my mouth ?

Finally it is an opportunity to again reforge the links to my training
as a dancer, but this time in a more theatrical mode, and in so doing
use movement in a more theatrical dimension.
This is why it became apparent to me, when I discovered (co-director
of the Théâtre du Mouvement) Yves MARC’s work around emotional and thought states of mind, that there could indeed exist a kind of
script for corporal dramaturgy. Not just ‘a sequence of
movements’, but rather a permanent bridge between the
storyteller’s body, the body of the characters and the body of the
story itself.


In the same way that movement becomes a vehicle for the forbidden
word, Sheen’s interior voices express through my recorded voice :
her wanderings, the sound of reeds in the wind, a love or soul-song,
confusion, hesitant breaths .... in order to better perceive the
dramatic action between the impressionable, sound filled space of the
stage which is her world, and the more raw world of reality. I have
chosen to juxtapose traditional music, as in the mariage dance
sequence, along with the composition and structuring of pure,
wordless sound or poetic texts :

Sheen’s Song was composed by Jean-Luc Portalier, a spectrum that
runs from pure lines of song to choral singing.

The rumor- insidious, unclear, unquieting : it is through this rumor
that Sheen learns the secret of her birth, and later will even be accused of being an ogress.

The spinning wheel - an instrument as well as metaphor of destiny.

The frightening Old Spay Woman, who cackles and screeches .... full of
fantasy, humour but also profound wisdom.

The Chase - Sheen becomes the prey of the belligerance of her
sisters-in-law, symbolized by a hare hunt, a common practice in the
countryside during the harvest season.


The stage is an architecture of light punctuated by :

A Chime - a magical space that evokes the transformations of the

A Forest - a place of transition and meetings

The Sibh - The Kingdom of the old Spay Woman and also the
place of alchemical works for Sheen.

(click on poster to watch pictures of the show)


A wonder tale that begins with a creation myth. It is the long quest of a young woman who, even if it means defying death, undertakes the task of giving back to the King of Ireland’s Son the power of speech. Through three stories of initiation and enigmas, not only will he once again find his voice and the will to live, but above all will discover true love.


And what if you suddenly found yourself in a real Irish pub ?
Heated conversations fly ; songs ignite ; laughter fuses, beer and whiskey flow by the bucketful .... and so it is here where we cross the path of a giant, a sorceress, a king or a leprechaun.
Unheard of, marvellous, facetious or poetic all at the same time, stories always take the front seat ! Mighty crack ahead !


Aoibheall the Banshee, protector of the O’Brien clan ; Lady Betty the Roscommon hangwoman ; Moll Shaughnessy, a terrifying spectre to all foolish enough to pass the lonesome heights of Barna by night ; Alice Kyteler of Kilkenny, tried and convicted of witchcraft ; Granuaille the Pirate Queen ...
All throughout this tale, you will find portraits of exceptional, free and sometimes frightening women, but women who always cherish above all their independance.


The childhood of Fionn - the Salmon of Knowledge - How he conquers his father’s throne to rule over the Fianna - His meeting with Sabdh, the white doe

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